The New Dimension in co-op with Alf Yngve is very pleased to present to you what was originally an unfinished RGCD 16KB cartridge compo 2012 entry, and a Games That Weren't game.  Amazon Tales. A sideways scrolling throw stones in the jungle 'em up game for The Commodore 64. This game features:

- Seven stunning horizontal scrolling scenes
- Powerful game music
- More variety in enemy patterns
- Challenging game play
- Power ups (Extra lives and shield)
- Hi Score table
- Loading bitmap

This game is also PAL/NTSC compatible and like with many TND games it is FREE.

Deep in the heart of the Amazon, in a small village, a friendly tribe recruited you, Gemma Hunter as a professional vet to look after their animals.  You have been asked vaccinate a terrified elephant from an illness that could be proved fatal. Just as you open the pen. The scared elephant sees what you are up to and it makes its escape through the main jungle.

The tribe, who you settled with are very unhappy with you for losing the elephant. If you are to stay and settle with them in their village, you must find the elephant. You also cannot return back to the village until it has been found and brought back to safety.

Playing the game:

Guide Gemma through the Amazon in search for the missing Elephant. So that you can take it home and safely vaccinate it from an illness, which could prove fatal. Unfortunately, you will not be alone and your trek through the forest will prove to be a deadly one.

During your long journey by foot, you will encounter many dangerous animals, tribes men, temple guards and many other nasty surprises. Luckily for you, there are rocks that can be thrown at these nasties. This can be done by pressing FIRE on your joystick. Beware, some enemies can be defeated by one hit of the rock. However, other enemies require more than just one hit before they are defeated. Also remember that you cannot destroy the flying spears, ground traps (unavoidable when the full blades are showing) or boulders.

The levels:

There are 7 levels in total. They are as follows:

1 – The Lakeside

On this stage you are running by the river side. You will encounter just small animals and reptiles. Make sure you don't get bitten by the snakes, leopards or crocodiles.
2 – The Forbidden Camp

You are about to step into hostile restricted territory. The Pygmy tribes men are your biggest threat in this stage of your journey. The evil tribe are hunters and they will take nobody for granted. These soldiers are armed with a blow pipe and some poisonous darts. Should you get hit by a dart, you will lose a life. You can defeat them with 2 hits. Also watch out for bigger snakes and large tigers.

3 – The Jungle Outskirts

As you enter the jungle, the tribes men will still try and hunt you down. Watch out for the creatures (from previous levels) which might bite you if you walk too close to them. Above the trees are gibbons. They will try to knock you out with coconuts.

4 – The Dark Rainforest
This is the main hunting ground for the tribes men. You have to watch out for their traps, the hunters, and also flying spears, as well as the animals that bite.

5 – The Boggy Sand Plains

Watch where you step when you traverse across the sand plains. First of all, the usual creatures and tribes men are hunting. However, there is another obstacle, which you should also avoid. Although the sand plains look pretty much harmless. Avoid stepping into the central area of the plains. That is quicksand. If you step into quicksand. You will lose a life. Also watch out for the rolling boulders. They are deadly and indestructible.

6 – The Dark Cave

After successfully leaving the sand plains, you will enter the dark cave. It is very creepy and consists of deep black holes, which you can fall through. However, you won't be alone in the caves. There are flying spears, rolling boulders, and deadly spiders will spawn out of the holes.

7 – The Jungle Temple
The final part of the journey is the sacred jungle temple. This place is heavily guarded by temple guards. They will appear from some of the doorway entrances. They will also try and spear you down. Also watch out for the usual enemies, you have encountered in previous levels. After you have passed the temple, you will have reached the lakeside, where the elephant, which you need to return to the village, is hiding.


During the long trek through the Amazon. You can pick up the following items, which can help you fulfill your quest.

-Glowing idols

The gods of the Amazon are watching you and they want to help you. If you pick up a glowing idol, the gods will give you protection for a temporary amount of time.
You are also protected every time you start a new level or lose a life.

-Sacred chests

If you pick up a sacred chest, the gods of the Amazon will give you an extra life.
Can you safely retrieve the elephant and bring it back to your village, or will you be kicked out of the tribe?


C64: Joystick in port 2

Up- Walk up
Down - Walk down
Left - Walk backwards
Right- Walk forwards
Fire - Throw stones

Control/CTRL - Pause game
Back arrow: (While paused) - Quit game


Programming, charset, sound effects and music by:
Richard Bayliss

Graphics and level design by
Alf Yngve

Loading bitmap artwork by
Trevor Storey

Tape loader source by
Martin Piper

Mastered with:

High speed and intelligent tape loading system

(C)2019 The New Dimension
This game, and its content is classed as free digital software. TND Games consents copying, sharing, modification/improvements and respectable broadcast of this production. However TND Games does not consent any part of this production to be used for physical or digital reproduction for sales or marketing of this production. Please ask first.


Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorRichard of TND
Tags2D, arcade-adventure, Commodore 64, jungle-quest


Download 219 kB

Install instructions

Click on the ZIP archive to download, and use any zip file extraction software compatible. Place folder on to your hard drive for use in VICE, CCS64, or on to a USB for the Commodore 64 with external hardware (or Ultimate 64). This game should also work on all new theC64,  and theC64mini without having to make any alterations.

It is strongly recommended that when playing the disk version of this game, you keep the disk image attached. This is due to a hi score save routine, which updates high scores to your disk. If you wish to reset the high scores, then use a C64 directory editor such as Dir Master to remove the high score file. A new hi-score filename will be written when you next run the game.


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That's a great retro game!  I especially like the music soundtrack, good job!  I've played quite a number of Commodore 64 games in years past; this was a treat to be able to play one again.  Thank you for the freeware!

Cool game man! I played it and liked it instantly. Simple yet fun!

I even loved the old school soundtrack. Brings back memories.

Thanks for the trip!