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A horror blood-thirsty but fun single screen score attack game from The New Dimension. 

You play the role of Fuzzi, a cute blue creature. You have been thrown into a deadly dungeon.  You are not alone. You have company ... Aah, how nice and wonderful ... Well, it is not really that nice. Death saws appear from nowhere and they are out to get you.

Your task is to guide your blue blob around the dungeon and help him survive for as long as he can before getting diced up by a death saw. Staying still will not award you any points and gives you a higher risk of death. So don't be idle. YOU MUST MOVE OUT THE WAY AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE.  

The game will start easy with 1 death saw per 15 seconds. Then 15 seconds after 7 death saws appear ... Ooer!!!

How long can you survive the DEATH SAW CHALLENGE!?!?!


Code, graphics, sound effects and music by
Richard Bayliss
Tape turbo loader by
Martin Piper

This game is PAL/NTSC compatible with a stand-alone C64, VICE, Ultimate 64, and theC64, etc...

A Unity 3D Version also intended some time in the future.

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file and then extract the Death Saw Challenge folder to your chosen directory. Copy to a USB or SD Card for loading on to your C64, 1541Ultimate2, Ultimate 64, theC64mini or full size. If you don't have any of these devices you can easily play this game in VICE on your PC and have fun. 


Death_Saw_Challenge.zip 72 kB


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Cool game, well done!


Fun game!
Love the "dunn dunn duuuuuunnnn!!!" starttune ;-)


Best 2020 Commodore 64 Halloween Game!


I wonder who copied who?

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Very overkill :D

There's also a disc room competition going on on itch ;)




Cool, can't wait to try it