This game mysteriously disappeared last week, due to accidental deletion. Now this game has been restored.

Death Saw Challenge is a Public Domain C64 hi score attack game which was made for Halloween. 2020. It is a really spooky game, which may not be suitable for all game players,  due to the horrid nature of the game. - Although it was just made for fun anyway :)

Death Saw Challenge is compatible with theC64, and also both PAL and NTSC machines.


You have been thrown into a deadly and bloody dungeon. Your chance of survival is very slim. You have been given a challenge which is to run around the arena and survive for as long as you can scoring as many points where possible. You will not be alone, because out from nowhere, a siren will  go off and shortly later, out comes a deadly saw blade. After the seventh blade ... ooer :)

How long can you survive the DEATH SAW CHALLENGE?


Code, graphics, sound effects and music by
Richard Bayliss

Tape loader source by
Martin Piper

(C)2020 The New Dimension
This production is okay to be copied, but is not okay to be sold in digital or physical format without permission from TND Games. TND Games is NOT a business or a company. We like to create and develop games on C64 for fun.

Install instructions

Download the Zip archive as normal. Extract the files to your USB, SD card or HDD. The media available is digital disk and tape. Both files should work in VICE, theC64, theVIC20, or a stock C64 with 1541Ultimate/Ultimate 64. This game should also be compatible with SDIEC.

It is strongly recommended that when playing the disk version of this game, you keep the disk image attached. This is due to a hi score save routine, which updates highest scores to your disk. If you wish to reset the high scores, then use a C64 directory editor such as Dir Master to remove the high score file. A new hi-score filename will be written when you next run the game.


Death Saw 77 kB


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very good

Luckily, I had this game when it was first released on your website. Great game, Richard :)