Have you been an avid C64 user since 2011 when the game was first launched? Do you remember seeing the tape loader game, Happy Blocks for the very first time? To celebrate the success of this tape loader game. The New Dimension have decided to turn Happy Blocks into a proper score attack game.
Behold, Happy Blocks DX. This game, is pretty much like the original tape loader game, but it features much more:

- Enhanced graphics, even better than the original tape loader
- Full presentation
- Animated background and sprites
- Sound effects and remix of the Happy Blocks loader theme tune (As in game music)
- Wacky edited samples, recorded and made by the author, himself
- Hi Score table


You are Happy, a light blue block who is positioned at the very bottom of the screen. Your objective is to simply survive sets of nasty falling blocks  as they fall towards you. Simply locate the gap and squeeze through it.

You can force the nasty blocks to fall quicker by triggering a drop boost, at the right time, using the fire button.  You had better watch out though,  because if you make one big mistake , Happy will not be happy no more. Instead, he will be tossed into oblivion, and all you get for failure is GAME OVER (And possibly a high score)!

The game will start slow going, but for every 20 groups of blocks that have passed, the game will speed up, and become more intensively crazy. Also you'll be awarded five more drop boosts.  Even if the game speed has reached its maximum speed - which is just plain nuts. Seriously it is :)

How long can you survive for, and will you be able to gain a position in the top 10 hall of fame? 

This game is PAL+NTSC compatible


Programming, graphics music and crazy digi sampling by
Richard Bayliss

TND intro logo by

IRQ Tape Turbo Loader source by
Martin Piper

Mastered with:

High speed and intelligent tape loading system

(C)2019 The New Dimension

This game, and its content is classed as free digital software. TND Games consents copying, sharing, modification/improvements and respectable broadcast of this production. However TND Games does not consent any part of this production to be used for physical or digital reproduction for sales or marketing of this production, nor its other productions without written permission from TND Games.


Happy_Blocks_DX.zip 123 kB

Install instructions

After downloading, extract the folder RELEASE from the ZIP archive (Rename if you need to after unzipping) on to a USB and place in to your 1541Ultimate, Ultimate 64 or theC64 mini or Retropie console. If you wish to play this game on your PC. I suggest you download a C64 emulator, such as VICE, or CCS64. Attach .D64 or .TAP image from folder.

It is strongly recommended that when playing the disk version of this game, you keep the disk image attached. This is due to a hi score save routine, which updates high scores to your disk. If you wish to reset the high scores, then use a C64 directory editor such as Dir Master to remove the high score file. A new hi-score filename will be written when you next run the game.

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