A Zzap! 64 Micro Action C64 community-based covermount title. [Issue #6 January/February 2022]

Blazon - Games Division is very proud to present to you  Lane Crazy. A fun little vertical scrolling hi-score attack party game. This game is guaranteed to drive you crazy if you keep on losing constantly. Lane crazy features the following:

* Complete loading screen presentation
* Front end presentation with options screen added
* Hi Score table (including a hi score saver, if playing on D64/disk)
* Stylish in game graphics
* Quirky music
* 8 levels of crazy ball rolling fun
* Compatible with PAL and NTSC versions of C64, theC64, Ultimate 64 and VICE

Game instructions
The object of the game is to keep all four balls in lane, and avoid falling through the holes that appear at random. You must shift the balls avoiding death, using keys (see controls for possible keys below). Each key is assigned in order of the lanes.  You can use a joystick for a proper challenge. The arrows in the game indicate which joystick direction control. If you let one ball fall through the hole. The game will end, leaving with your final score. If it is good enough, you will have achieved a brand new hi score. 

Scoring points
Scoring points is based on two sections: The first is based on distance, which is worth 10 points. After every two levels, the points will count up even faster. The second is based on the holes passing any of your four balls. You will get scores of 100 points. The longer you survive the distance you travel, the more and more points you will get.

There are 8 levels in total. After every two levels, the lanes will become steeper to travel on. After the 8th level, just keep on scoring until you fall through a hole and lose. Although, it is expected that you probably won't get very far.  :)

Have fun and good luck.

A or H- Swap ball position in lane 1
S or J - Swap ball position in lane 2
D or K - Swap ball position in lane 3
F or L - Swap ball position in lane 4

RUN/STOP (ESCAPE on VICE) - Pause game
Q (While paused) - Abort game and return back to the title screen

Use joystick in any port.

Code, game graphics, charset and music by
Richard (Starhawk) Bayliss

Blazon intro code by:
AEG/Smash Designs (1995) (NTSC Fix by Sleeper)

Bitmap loading picture and front end logo graphics by

Directory Stamp Art by Logiker/Vintage Computing Carinthia

IRQ Turbo Tape Loader by
Martin Piper

Testing by 
Baracuda, Firelord, Logiker, Sleeper and Starhawk

(C) 2021/2022 Blazon Games Division

Screenshots may subject to change


Lane_Crazy.zip 263 kB

Install instructions

Extract the zip archive to a folder on your PC or USB stick. You can load and run the programs onto theC64 (any version), 1541Ultimate 2, Ultimate 64. 

Disk users: Type in LOAD "*",8 and wait for the program to load and run. 
Tape users: Press SHIFT+RUN/STOP and press play on tape 


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Nice game!


very good


I really like the music!


Looks good Richard !


Sounds fun and challenging :)