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I really enjoy Let's Invade and was pleased to see a part two.  It's an excellent continuation on the original, but there are a couple things that keep it from being as good as the original (in my opinion). 

First thing I noticed is that the fire control is hit and miss, that is, the gun doesn't fire all the time when it should.  I'll pause, line up my shot, press the fire button, and nothing happens.  I miss my shot.  This doesn't happen in the original.  I've tried playing the game on my real C128, VICE emulator and C64Mini, all with the same results.

Secondly, the strobing background graphics in Let's Invade 2 are a little too compact for me.  In Let's Invade 1, the designs leave enough black space to see the game action without too much difficulty.  In part 2, I have to turn off the strobe effect in order to see the game action comfortably.  The more intricate background patterns interfere a little to much for me.

Apart from these two minor issues, Let's Invade 2 is an entertaining sequel!