A deluxe version of the game is currently under development and should be released some time in August 2022 on a separate page.

The New Dimension is proud to present to you a funny little single button game for Reset and AustroGamer's 4K Craptastic 2022 competition. 

This is a funny hi score attack challenge with levels. It is Summer time, but the previous day it was raining. Red migrating crabs were sleeping in the buckets for the night. The next day was a glorious day, with a long-term forecast that it will be sunny all this week. The sleeping crabs get a rude disturbance by a stampede of running kids. This has made the crabs more grumpy and want their revenge on the kids.

You play the role of Lord of the Crabs who must launch the red crabs onto the children's feet. This can be done by pressing the SPACEBAR or FIRE BUTTON on a joystick in either port. You will have a set target number of kids to nip before your complete a level. Scoring is based on distance. You will get bonus points for every crab you have not lost. After you complete 8 levels, you will move back to level 1 but on a higher skill level, which will loop the game after it has reached the very last level. Try to avoid your crabs ending up into the sea, otherwise you will lose a crab. The game is over when all crabs are lost.


Programming and sound effects by Richard Bayliss 

 Graphics by Hugues (Ax!s) Poisseroux 

Freeload (custom version) by Paul Hughes

 (C) 2022 The New Dimension Written for Reset Craptastic 2022 4K game development competition.


Little_Nippers_4K.zip 15 kB


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Good little game. Not usually into games like this, but I found this oddly addictive.


great game!


Nice game!

Nice video! ;)


So, it is the beggining of this game and then comes the final version on August. Therefore, I can´t wait ! Congrats guys !


This entry is sooooooo cute! Lovely work, Richard.


just know this is going to be good. Love your games so far