The New Dimension is very proud to present to you Lunar City. This is a fun and challenging space shooting gallery type of game written for the Zzap! 64 Micro Action Covermount. The game was inspired by Atlantis for the ATARI, but Lunar City is slightly different, as you will probably see when you play the game.

Lunar City consists of the following:

  • Nicely presented loading bitmap with loading music
  • Front end presentation with Drum 'n Bass style music
  • End scene presentation
  • Hi score table with saver (if playing in disk mode)
  • 16 action-packed levels with an increasing level of difficulty
  • Arcade style sound effects
  • 4 different landscapes
  • 8 different aliens (where newer aliens will appear after completing every fourth level).

Game instructions

Lunaris, your home planet has been a peaceful safe haven. That was until a discovery of a giant alien mothership hovering above the planet. It beams out an army of aliens ready for a big mission - to destroy Lunaris by entering Lunar City and bombing all of its defences and radioactive domes (stored on top of the building).  Lunaris activated a shield to protect its city. Unfortunately it makes no match for the aliens's powerful laser beams.

You are our commander. Your task is to defend Lunar City by firing lasers from Lunar City's Sentinels, towards passing aliens. You will have a limited amount of aliens to destroy, and also a limited amount of lasers for each level. 

Lunaris's fate

Lunaris will be destroyed completely if:

  • Aliens have destroyed all six reactor domes
  • Aliens have destroyed all three sentinels
  • Amount of lasers is less than the number of aliens destroyed


Every time you complete a level, you will score a bonus of 100 points per ammo remaining and a further 100 points per dome saved from being shot by the aliens.

There are 16 waves to complete before you have saved Lunaris for good.


Use or emulate Joystick plugged into port 2.

Directions are as follows:

LEFT = Fire from left sentinel
RIGHT = Fire from right sentinel
UP or FIRE = fire from central sentinel

Other keys:

CONTROL (TAB in VICE V2.4 or higher) = Pause game
BACK ARROW (¬, ` in VICE V2.4 or higher) = Abort game (while game is paused)
SPACEBAR (or fire) = Resume game.


Programming, sound effects and music by Richard Bayliss
Graphics, sprites and loading bitmap by Hugues (Ax!s) Poisseroux
Level graphics decompression routines by Magnus (Zagon) Lind
IRQ Tape Turbo loader source by Martin Piper

(C) 2023 The New Dimension  
You are welcome to copy this production and host it on your web site, videos, etc. This is providing that everything is free. However, it is not legal to reproduce this software in digital or physical media for sales or marketing purposes without permission from the developers of this production. 

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorRichard of TND
TagsCommodore 64, freeware, lunar-city, Retro, Singleplayer


Lunar 270 kB

Install instructions

Download the zip and  extract the files to a specific directory on your PC, SD-Card or USB device. Then run the digital .D64 or .TAP file from VICE, CCS64, theC64 mini/full size/theVIC20 or a standard Commodore C64 with 1541Ultimate, the Ultimate 64, etc. 

Have fun.

Development log


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Very nice, entertaining game with „Missile Command“ feeling! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 00:16:05. Automatic subtitles should be available soon (switch on, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂


Is the release version easier than the beta? I'm asking for a friend ;-) 

It is harder, as it should have been. Instead of wasting all of your bullets. The idea is to make sure you have more bullets and less aliens. If the quota of the aliens count is higher than the bullets count. The game is supposed to end with  "GAME OVER" due to the player being too weak to destroy the aliens.

very good


Loving this game. Hard but addictive!! Great work love how the old girl still gets new games!!


Awesome game !


Awesome game!


Fun little game with a definite one more go vibe. Good graphics and soundtrack. Thanks for this and thanks for keeping new content coming on itch and for zzap64.