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Formly known as Nucleo 447 during the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019.  Nucleo 448 is a fully enhanced vertical scrolling apocalyptic sci-fi themed space shoot 'em up. This game features:

- Polished front end with high score table
- 4 stunning worlds, crammed full of deadly alien suprises
- Mean boss fights, in which you can try to survive through
- Atmospheric and in game trance music to fit the mood
- Power ups
- Smart aim firing aliens

and much more

A message arrives from outer space for all living beings across the universe. A crazy scientist decrypted it. it says something like:

"Warning! ... Asteroid out of control wandering! ... It contains the origins of the most dangerous weapon ever known! ... Enter the asteroid before it will destroy your planet! " . 

The name of that asteroid: Nucleo 448!

This deadly asteroid is floating through the solar system.  Many space ships were sent inside it, but nobody managed to get out alive from there .

Now it is your turn to try and save the Universe, and everything inside it.


Design, graphics and concept by
(Original created with the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit by Sensible Software)

Additional code by

Sound effects and music by

Tape loader system by
MARTIN PIPER (TND Loader) and PAUL HUGHES (Freeload)

Cover inlay design by

(C)2020 Leonardo Vettori for The New Dimension

This game will only work on PAL machines. If you are using VICE or Ultimate 6. Please ensure your machine video state is set to PAL. This game is also compatible with theC64 mini and full-size computer (on full height).

Install instructions

Download the Zip file, and extract the folder to your PC and copy to a USB stick to play on theC64 mini or full size or Commodore 64 with 1541Ultimate 2,  an Ultimate 64. If you don't have any of these machines, you can still join in the fun by downloading VICE (http://vice-emu.sourceforge.net/).

There is also a tape inlay, included in the ZIP archive which you can print and cut out.

Have fun!


Nucleo448.zip 471 kB


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nice game, thank you.