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It's time for some Ninja-Tastic arcade action, which was voted as a WINNER of the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019. Yet another great game with a complete overhaul.

An evil cult has worshiped their god, in order to cause danger and devastation to your city. Their God is a winged serpent. The criminals have also kidnapped your own people, who look like ghosts in white sheets. You must venture into the pagoda and rescue them before it is too late.

Luckily there is help at hand for your. First of all, there are nice scrumptious cherries, your ninja loves. Eat one of those, and it will boost his energy.

The second helpful thing is rescuing your white sheet ghost buddies. Help rescue them will give you a temporary shield, which will prevent you from enemy attack or dangerous obstacles.

Can you reach the roof of the Pagoda, meet up with the evil Serpent God and defeat it. Or will more pain and misery be brought to your own City and folk.

Good luck warrior. You will need it!


Use Joystick in PORT 2 to play:

Up/Down = Climb/Duck

Left/Right = Move left / right
Fire + Left/Right = Throw ninja stars

RUN/STOP = Pause game
Q (While paused) = Quit game



Design, graphics and sound effects by
(Created using SEUCK by Sensible Software)

SEUCK Redux and Tape Loader Source code by

Additional programming and music by

Mastered with:

High speed and intelligent tape loading system

(C)2019 Stefano Canalli and The New Dimension

This software is PUBLIC DOMAIN which means you are allowed to copy and distribute this game for free. However you are not allowed to sell this production physically or digitally without permission from the author of this production.

Install instructions

Installation made easy. Simply extract the complete folder into one of your subdirectories on your PC hard drive, USB or SD Card and then load into VICE, CCS64 or use on your 1541Ultimate, Ultimate 64, SDIEC (Disk only). This game should also work on theC64 mini, but you must make a .cnf to set the game to work on PAL and set vertical screen position that will display the score panel.


PagodaWarrior2.zip 226 kB

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