This is another entry for the Cassette 50 Charity competition. It was programmed in Turbo Assembler V5.3 on theC64 full size computer. Due to memory restrictions, some of the features (smooth scrolling and sound) could not be added. 

How to play
This is a simple score attack game, written in Cassette 50 style.  The object of this game is to launch your Para Trooper safely on to the landing pads. Every time you land on a pad, it will be removed from the screen. The pads are colour coded and will give you the following scores:

Red: 100 points
Cyan: 200 points
Green: 500 points

Your score will also boost while you are falling.

Watch out for the airships and the water. If you hit an airship or touch the water, you will lose the game. Try to land as many para troopers as you can before you are finished.

Programming and graphics by Richard Bayliss
Exomizer SFX de-cruncher by Magnus Lind

D64 Download is now available. Now competition submissions deadline has expired


Para_Lander_Mini.d64 170 kB

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