This game works on PAL C64's only. 

Roboform-X is the 2nd Place winner for the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2021. This game was originally made using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit and features the following upgrades:

  • Loading bitmap by Fabs/Hokuto Force
  • Upbeat thumping techno sountracks
  • In game enhancements, such as smart aiming robots, linked enemy deaths, etc
  • Shield power up, for protecting your player
  • New front end presentation with hi score detection
  • New score panel

A deadly computer virus has approached the Form-X complex. It has turned the mainframe system into a deadly weapon. All defences have now gone rogue. They are now a deadly weapon.

Your objective is to guide droid Roboform-X 2 through the complex and shut down the mainframe system. In order to shut down the mainframe, you will need to disable the laser orbs. When you disable an orb, it will power you up with a temporary shield. You must also find the giant robot that has infected the virus and face it in the final showdown. You had better watch out because some of the defences are controlled by artificial intelligence. You had better act fast before it is too late.

At the end of each sector is a robot boss. You should destroy it before moving onto the next sector. Although it is possible to try and survive the level. In the very last sector will be a giant robot. If you destroy the last sector the rogue defences will shut down and your world will be saved. If you fail however, then we are doomed!

Can you put an end to the deadly electrical virus or will your world become the next dystopia? ... There is only one way to find out. Play the game.


Use Joystick in Port 2:
Up, down, left right = move direction
Fire = fire laser beams
RUN/Stop: Pause game
Q (While paused): Abort mission


Game design, graphics and sound effects by
Pinov Vox (Created using S.E.U.C.K by Sensible Software)

SEUCK Redux and tape turbo source by
Martin Piper

Front end graphics, additional code, and music by
Richard Bayliss

Loading bitmap by
Fabs/Hokuto Force

(C)2021 Vox Video game for The New Dimension

This game is okay to be copied, but should not be sold on physical or digital form without permission from the game author.

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorRichard of TND


Download 127 kB

Install instructions

After you have downloaded the zip file. Extract the files to the directory which you wish to place the game on. Then load/run from your device, CCS64,VICE.

This production also works on theC64 maxi, theC64 mini, and theVIC20 in C64 mode (if you set the configuration correctly)

On a stock C64, use LOAD "*",8 and then type RUN if loading from disk
Use SHIFT/RUN STOP on tape.


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very good