This is a 2K ($0801-$1000) hi score-attack challenge written in less than a day for the Cassette 50 Games Charity competition.

We have tossed a rocket into the deep voids of space. However the rocket has lost control and is heading towards an asteroid belt. Your task is to simply guide the rocket around the game screen and avoid getting smashed by the purple asteroids. 

Your rocket's thrust is controlled by an automated system. The system will gradually go out of control and speed up the rocket. The thrust of the rocket is based on speed. After the thrust level has reached 8. The rocket speed will not change.

Keep on dodging the purple asteroids and try to rake in as many points as you possibly can. Good luck!


Programming, graphics and sound by
Richard Bayliss

(C)2020 The New Dimension

(D64 download available)


Rocket_Away.D64 170 kB

Install instructions

Download the PRG file then load it into VICE


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very good