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The web player version of the game might not be compatible with all web browsers. 

Rockit is the first TND game to have been made in UNITY3D. Yes, that's right. It is my first ever Unity C# programmed game title. It is a remake of the Public Domain Commodore 64 game, Rockit by the Power Shed. 

This is a fun fast-paced party hi score attack game. The object of this game is to guide your rocket through the infinite voids of deep space. For each asteroid that passes by, you will score 50 points. Try not to crash your rocket into the asteroid or you will become toast. Keep on dodging the asteroids until your have a head on collision with an asteroid.


Programming, game graphics, design and music by


(C)2020 The New Dimension

The HTML5 version can be played online from


Rockit_x86.zip 23 MB
RockIt_Linux.zip 28 MB
RockIt_Mac.app.zip 26 MB

Install instructions

This game was made in Unity 2019, on a 64-bit Windows 8.1, PC, but it should also work on 32bit Windows PC as well:

To install this game Download the Zip file. Create your own folder and extract the zip file to your own folder.

IMPORTANT: Like with all PC EXE files, make sure you check for any viruses.


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Nice to see you dabbling with Unity Richard. How are ya liking it?

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I'm finding Unity and C# advanced and quite interesting. Not to mention, challenging. There is also the fun part in making these type of games also. I am still new to Unity, and I was very pleased to have managed to make my very first game, since 3-6 weeks of learning. Music was self-made in LMMS. I still have a lot more to learn.

Great stuff! I haven't released or finished anything with Unity, but do like it. A game can be made much quicker in Unity than anything else I'm used to.