This game was not created using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. 

The New Dimension is proud to present a small fast-paced shoot 'em up  for the Commodore 64 made for Reset's Mix-I-Disk back in March 2021, but due to the delay of the magazine it has been agreed that the game can be released.

Shock Raid consists of the following features:

  • Full loading screen and title screen presentation
  • 4 fast-paced levels of pure alien blasting action
  • PAL/NTSC compatible
  • A cool presentation with a choice of in game sound effects or music
  • Thrilling end screen
  • Compatible with theC64, SDIEC and Ultimate 64
  • Plus much more.

This game is not SEUCK (The game has not been made with the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit).

The Story

It is the year 2197. An alien planet, Zarjon has spiraled out of control and is heading towards planet Earth. We have sent in a few pilots and scientists to find out what has caused this planet to fly so quickly towards our planet. It turns out that a crystal stored in the bottom of the mines appears to be the source. Our people tried to remove the crystal in order to stop the planet but they got destroyed by the alien forces.

The Game

This is where you come in. Your mission is to enter the alien planet Zarjon. Fly through the 4 underground lairs and do battle against the aliens. You must ten located the crystal and destroy it in order to save Earth.

Your ship is charged with a limited number of shields. These will be lost if you collide into any aliens, their lasers or any other obstacles you come across. Once all of your shields are out our hope will be lost and Earth will be destroyed. You will be awarded an extra shield for every level completed also 1,000 points will be awarded as a bonus for you.

Can you find the power crystal and destroy it or will life on Earth be no more? The fate of Earth lies in your hands.

Good luck Pilot.


Plug a joystick into port 2 or play online

Up  - Move ship up
Down - Move ship down
Left - Move ship left
Right - Move ship right
Fire  / Z- Fire lasers
CTRL / Tab - Pause game
Left  arrow/ Key under escape - Abort game
Spacebar - Skip loading picture screen


Programming, charset, sound effects and music by Richard Bayliss
Graphics, level design and loading bitmap artwork by Hugues (Ax!s) Poisseroux
Tape loader source by Martin piper with additional programming by Richard

(C) 2021 The New Dimension

This game, and its content is classed as free digital software. TND Games consents copying, sharing, modification/improvements and respectable broadcast of this production. However TND Games does not consent any part of this production to be used for physical or digital reproduction for sales or marketing of this production without permission from TND Games.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorRichard of TND


Download 89 kB

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file from your browser and then extract to a USB stick, SD card or to your PC. This game was built to run on a PAL C64, but also should work on NTSC machines, VICE and Ultimate 64. A special folder has been made for theC64 users.


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As always, we expect only greatness from you Richard. Congrats !

Gra sie swietnie zapowiada ,i nie moge sie doczekac az pokaza pelna gre na tegorocznej imprezie Retro i zeby w tym roku juz nic nie pokrzyżowało odbycia sie tak zacnej imprezy

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"Translated to"
The game promises to be great, and I can't wait until he shows the full game at this year's Retro event and that this year nothing will stop such a good event

Thank you. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. It took me about 3 months to develop and put together


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This looks Great, Can't wait to play it:)

Hopefully some time in the summer you'll get to play it. I have currently reserved it for Reset Magazine Issue 14's Mix-I-Disk. The deadline for submissions is near to the end of June 2021, but the game won't be released on this page until after the mag is released - All of which is for free to download. It has been quite a lot of fun making this game in co-op with good buddy Hugues, who stepped in to do the graphics.


Definetly your work will become another great shootem up classic for Commodore 64. One question just for curiosity do you programm for Atari 8 bits too ? We love Commodore 64 but we have realized that Atari 800 xl / 65 xe has great works too. You could expand your legacy in video games. It´s just only a question, suggestion and idea. Thanks in advance for this game. Take care.

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Thank you.

The only 8-bit computer I programmed on in my lifetime was the Commodore 64.

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I think you can too Richard. I know you would handle it. Best wishes.