The New Dimension
is very proud to present to you Snake VS Bomb 2. It is a fun exciting sequel to be participated in the Retro Programmers Inside (RPI) and Phaze101  Retro Snake Jam,  Snake vs Bomb 2 features the following: 

- Loading bitmap with loading music 
- Front end presentation with credits and info screen 
- Active hi score table (and saver if playing the D64 version) 
- Plenty of music 
- Retro arcade style sound effects 
- In game 3D look parallax scrolling  
- Eight fast-paced levels 
- Compatible with theC64 mini, theC64 and theVIC20 (In C64 mode).
- PAL/NTSC compatible

How to Play
Snake vs Bomb 2 is for 1 player only and requires a Joystick plugged into port 2 (or emulated keys if playing on an emulator). The game can be paused with control (tab in VICE) and aborted by pressing the back arrow key (or the ` key in emulators). 
Your task is to guide your snake safely along a road across a Canyon. You can only move the snake up or down. While travelling along the long straight road, admiring the scenery. During your very long journey, you will encounter scrumptious fruit that has been dropped on the road. However, there is also bad news. Bombs are also dropped on the road

At the top of the screen, you will see a green snake. Each part of the snake in the status panel will turn from green to gold. This
indicates how far you have travelled. After the tongue of the snake is yellow and you travel a little further distance. You will move onto the next level, where more fruit and bombs will appear on the road, giving your snake less space to dodge those deadly bombs.

Can your snake reach safely to the other side of the canyon, or there be an explosive end for your snake? There's only one way to find out ... Play the game!

Programming, game title font, sound effects and music by Richard Bayliss

Graphics, logo and loading bitmap by Hugues Poisseroux (Ax!s)

Tape Loader System by Martin Piper

(C)2023 The New Dimension 

Like with all  TND Games featured on This production is non-commercial  software. You are welcome to copy this production, or use it on your web site - providing that you do not sell any part of this release commercially in physical  or digital form without permission from the author. 

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorRichard of TND


snakevsbomb2_docs.txt 2 kB
Snake-vs-Bomb-2-TAPE.tap 342 kB
Snake-VS-Bomb-2.d64 170 kB
Download 104 kB

Install instructions

Place onto your USB, SD-Card or PC device and load into VICE, CCS64 or on the Ultimate 64, or theC64 full size. 
The D64 version features a hi score saver, which requires the D64 image to be mounted/attached if playing on the Ultimate 64 or  a stock C64 with a 1541Ultimate 2. TAP version has no hi-score saver, since there is no need for one.


Update: 10th April 2023: Fixed hi score saver on D64 version. Also added .zip version if you wish to download everything together.


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It is a very fun and challenging game!

My gameplay with 116.100 points and ending ! Enjoy !


Nice game👍🏻


Really cool game, lots of fun while trying to beat the (own) Highscore!

My short video showing your game (German):


Nice, albeit entertaining casual game! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 00:51:03. Automatic subtitles should be available soon (switch on, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂


Lovely little casual game. Cool graphics and parallax effect! Nicely produced :-)


A very cool and fun game, the graphics and animation are great. I love it.


As always greta games you develope guys ! Cheers !


Nice game!


Nice game, love it