This game works on PAL machines and is not compatible with NTSC C64s

Split Second is a fast paced vertical scrolling shoot 'em up, written by Alf Yngve for TND Games and Reset.

You are veteran, Joe Rubicon. You have been fighting in the time wars for some time and succeeded. Since your last battle, you find yourself to be in another time war. The big question is, are you fighting a war on an island against militants... or are you battling against the aliens?

Fight your way through 4 zones against the army/alien forces. Use the green laser circles to divide yourself into  identical versions of yourself (if you have the energy to that). If one of yourself is hit by bullets or deadly lasers. That version of yourself will lose a life. The game will end when both versions of your identical self lose all your lives.

Can Joe Rubicon win the time wars once again, or will fate hang in the balance?


Joystick in Port 2
RUN/STOP (escape key) - Pause game
Q (Paused) - Abort game


Game design, graphics by Alf Yngve (Created using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit)
SEUCK Redux framework by Martin Piper
Additional programming, enhancements and music by Richard Bayliss
Loading bitmap by Errazking

(C)2017-2020+ Alf Yngve and The New Dimension

This game, and its content is classed as free digital software. TND Games consents copying, sharing, modification/improvements and respectable broadcast of this production. However TND Games does not consent any part of this production to be used for physical or digital reproduction for sales or marketing of this production without permission from TND Games.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorRichard of TND


Split 187 kB

Install instructions

Open the zip archive and then extract the files into a subfolder to your USB / SD for loading on to your C64 hardware, such as Ultimate 64, 1541Ultimate II (or +), SDIEC, etc. The program is also compatible with theC64 and theC64 mini, but custom settings must be set to PAL and full height. (On theC64 mini, use V15 for height position). If you don't own a Commodore 64 or theC64 mini or full size. You can use VICE, CCS64 or HOXs 64 and run the files from that application ;)

Due to the structure of the SEUCK Redux code, this game will only work on PAL C64's. NTSC is not supported.

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