The sequel to Synthia (Synthia and the Cyber Crypt). This is yet another epic adventure game , created using Sensisoft's Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. With additional code implemented this game has been fully transformed into a flip screen platform adventure game, also was released for Reset 64's Mix-I-Disk and now is available as a digital download from TND games.

You play Synthia, a robotic cyborg human, who has been given a brand new quest. Soldiers are concealed inside a huge mine, which have been controlled by the G.O.D complex - A deadly and destructive super computer, which threatens to destroy your home world. 

Your task is to try and find a way to shut down the deadly machine and free the soldiers, held captive, before the computer takes over. In order to succeed with your quest, you are required to pick up specific objects/tools, and attempt to use them in specific rooms. Clues to each room will contain a ? symbol. All puzzles need to be solved before you can shut down the G.O.D complex.

Can you shut down the supercomputer or will the G.O.D complex finally destroy you and your home world?

Compatible on PAL C64s, NTSC might encounter a few minor issues.

Use Joystick in port 2 (or if playing online use cursor keys)
Up - Jump
Left - Run left
Right - Run right
Fire (or if playing online use z) Solve puzzle
Run/Stop - Pause
Q (while paused) - Abort game
Game design, graphics and in game enhancements by Eleanor Burns
Original SEUCK code by Sensisoft
Front end code, ending password system code and bitmap logo by Richard/TND
Music composed by FlapSandwich and Richard/TND
Tape turbo loader source by Martin Piper

(C)2022 Eleanor Burns and TND Games
This software is free to download and copy/share. However you are not permitted to sell this production in digital/physical media form without permission from the author of this game. 

Please be patient if loading from the web player. Loading time will take a while.

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorRichard of TND


Download 384 kB

Install instructions

Open the zip archive using 7Zip, or any other file. Extract the folder or its contents to a directory on your USB stick or PC HDD. In order to play the game on your PC, you will need VICE or CCS64 C64 emulator.

The game can be played on a stock C64 with a 1541Ultimate 2 or KungFu flash cartridge. The game will also work on the Ultimate 64 and Ultimate Elite, if you are using one of those instead of the original C64.

If using theC64,/theVIC20 please make sure you rename the .D64 or .TAP with a _FH prefix to give the game full height. Basically, that's everything. I do hope you enjoy playing this game.


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I just got this game with the Reset64 disk.  Getting down to the music!

very good


Awesome game ! Congratulations.


Nice game!