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The New Dimension is proud to present my third official Unity C# game project. "Tank Strike" is a simple little score attack for 1 player only.

There have been sightings of UFOs capturing wildlife. The aliens have transformed them into mutants. Now your home country is infested with them.

Your mission objective is to destroy as many of those mutant creatures as you can by blasting rockets at them. One hit should destroy each enemy. Also the score varies during play. Each enemy has a different behaviour pattern, which is as follows:

Bats: 100 points

These purple mutant creatures stay airborne. However these little blighters drop green goobers, which is guaranteed to pierce through your tank and cause a major explosion. Be very careful

Fire bugs: 200 points

These mutants stay airborne and run slightly faster than the bats are, but they are also very lethal. They drop fire balls. You are doomed if you get hit by the fireballs.

Fire birds: 500 points

These monsters do not shoot anything. However they are still very lethal. Fire Birds will attempt to charge into your tank once spotted on sight. These mutants are much more heavier than a small tank like yours.

The more mutants you shoot, the more intense the game will get. How far can you get before you get totally smashed by the enemies? Can you beat your hi score?

Good luck and have fun.


Graphics and game design by MightyMechanic
Programming, development and music by Richard Bayliss
Sound effects from Sound Effects Starter Pack by Simon13666

Created and developed with Unity 2020.2f.6 and C# Scripting

(C)2021 The New Dimension as freeware. 

Release notes:

V1.0: First release

V1.1: Fixed music distortion and also loop the music. A NullReferenceException was also found that caused the game to crash. 

This production may be updated occasionally, should any new features or improvements take place.

*** Android version coming soon ***

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorRichard of TND


Download 29 MB

Install instructions

Click on the download link to install the game on to your PC. Then extract the folder TANK STRIKE - NATURE FIGHTS BACK to the directory you want to store it to. Click on the EXE file to run the game and have fun.

Hint: Before you run the program, please ensure you check the file with up to date antivirus software first.

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