A Zzap 64! Micro Action C64 community-based covermount title (Issue #7 - March/April 2022). (Free download and web player version now available from this page).

The New Dimension is very proud to present "Tasered in the Crotch". A game which was originally created as a joke, but turned out even better than expected. The game was inspired by a funny twitter poll posted by Commodore Format  Archive and has also been launched onto Zzap 64! Micro Action issue 7's C64 community based covermount

The game consists of the following features:

- Full front end presentation, police themed
- Loading screen
- Crazy and hilarious gameplay
- Background animation
- 8 different colourful level screens to fight through with a level of difficulty
- Music and sound effects (Made in Goat Tracker V2.75)
- Hi score table
- PAL/NTSC compatible, and also compatible with theC64 fullsize and mini

The game

You are Chief Super Intendant Tracey Cisco, a fearless chief officer commander, who has been sent to Barkley city by his boss, the chief crime commissioner. Crime has been pretty rife recently. There have been a series of bank robberies and jewellery heists. Robbers are carrying bags filled with loot and they must be stopped immediately!

You command a team of highly trained police officers to clear this mess. They are armed with a brand new special state-of-the-art taser which is wirelessly detachable. This special device can also fire from a very good height - which your squad are on a very high structure, hoping the criminals can't see you all. Unfortunately, they can. 

Beware, during certain times, the villains will attempt to throw a smoke bomb at one of your officers in order to distract them with their operation. Should that happen, your officer must react quickly by firing a taser at it. If that wasn't bad, you must avoid tasering the innocent civilians as they pass by. 

If you taser an innocent civilian or a bomb hits one of your officers, a life will be lost. The game is over when either you let too many villains escape, or all of your lives are lost.

An extra life will be rewarded for every 20,000 points scored. 

Can you complete all 8 levels and show those villains who is boss, or will your poor performance demote you to office? There is  only one way to find out. 


Programming, game graphics, character set, sound effects and music by Richard Bayliss
Front end logo and loading bitmap by Alf Yngve
Tape loader system by Martin Piper 

(C)2022 The New Dimension

This production is classed as freeware. You are welcome to copy this production onto digital or physical media. You are also welcome to broadcast this game production should you wish to. Like all C64 games of mine, this production should not be sold digitally or physical form without express permission from the game author.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorRichard of TND


Tasered.zip 173 kB

Install instructions

Download the zip archive and extract the filename onto your USB stick or PC device.
Although this game was built to work  on Commodore 64, theC64 mini or full size computers, you probably might not own one of those. If that is the case, you can easily play this game online, or in VICE c64 emulator on the PC. (google is your friend).


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Very funny and Awesome music! Thx for this game!

Funny game!

Hogan's Alley ;)

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Deleted 1 year ago

looks good