A small game which has been submitted as an entry for the C64 Craptastic 4K Game Compo 2020.

A pink mother ship looms above the Earth's surface. Earth retaliates by engaging a force field to keep the pink alien out of bay. Unfortunately the mother ship has other ideas. It beams out little aliens through the force field. The world leaders have called in for you to help. The cities are under threat of being destroyed. 

You control a fighter jet, which has to put a stop to this chaos. Fight wave after wave blasting at the aliens as they start to approach the ground surface. Try to defend the city building. Beware, if you collide in to an alien, a life will be lost. Also watch out for the mother ship above. Not only will it beam out more aliens. It will also attempt to fire its laser. At the end of the day you don't really want to end up being Zzapped in the Butt, do you?

Programming, graphics and sound effects by Richard Bayliss using CBMPRGStudio

Tape loader system by DoSoft

(C)2020 The New Dimension 

This game, and its content is classed as free digital software. TND Games consents copying, sharing, modification/improvements and respectable broadcast of this production. However TND Games does not consent any part of this production to be used for physical or digital reproduction for sales or marketing of this production without permission from TND Games.

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorRichard of TND
TagsCommodore 64, craptastic, retro-indie, space-shooter


Zzapped_in_the_Butt_4K.zip 14 kB

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip archive to your chosen folder. Then transfer the game files to your micro SD-Card (or USB stick. Place in to the 1541Ultimate, or Ultimate 64 and select RUN DISK. (Or RUN TAPE).

theC64 mini/full size users can also join in the fun, simply by running the .D64 or .TAP from the USB menu.

PC/Mac/Android users can also join in the fun, by playing this game in VICE which can be grabbed from http://vice-emu.sourceforge.net/

Have fun!

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