This game is only compatible on PAL versions of Commodore 64 systems. NTSC is not supported.

The New Dimension, in co-op with Alf Yngve are both proud to present Cosmic Combat Deluxe. A fun arcade blaster for one or two players. This game was originally created and designed using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit and has been majorly transformed into the SEUCK Redux engine. The game also features the following:

- Brand new front end presentation
- Uptempo 90s style music
- Hi score table
- No SEUCK slowdown syndrome
- 1 or 2 player action
- Original Cosmic Combat also included with a new title screen made by using the SEUCK Title Maker

This is a game for 1 or 2 players

Your mission is to fly into the deep void of infinite space and fight your way against fleets of assorted alien invaders. Each alien has its own behaviour patterns.

Look out for bonus stages and of course alien boss waves.

You will gain an extra ship for every 10,000 points scored.

Player 1 controls the blue fighter using/emulating joystick in port 2 ...

Player 2 controls the green fighter using/emulating joystick in port 1 ...

Either player can start at any time during play/


Original SEUCK code by Sensisoft
Game design, graphics and sound effects by Alf Yngve
Enhancements code by Martin Piper and Richard Bayliss
Music composed by Richard Bayliss
Loading bitmap by Hugues (Ax!s) Poisseroux
Tape loader system by Paul Hughes 
Mastered with PRG2TAP with Freeload by TCE/HF 
(Freesave tape master disks for Cosmic Combat DX are also included)

(C)2022 Alf Yngve and The New Dimension

Cosmic Combat and Cosmic Combat DX is classed as freeware. You are welcome to copy this game and release it on to web sites free from any form of registration. However selling any part of this production in digital or physical form without permission is strictly prohibited.  

Updated to version 1.1
- Fixed hi score bug where player's name and final score did not register into the hi score table.
- Added flashing shield to the player in invulnerable mode. This will happen every time the player spawns at start of game or on loss of a life.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorRichard of TND


Cosmic Combat DX 174 kB

Install instructions

Unzip the .zip archive and extract the contents to your PC (for playing in VICE, CCS64, etc) or your USB and load onto your C64 device (theC64, theC64mini, Ultimate 64, etc) and have fun. 

 NOTE to Retro Games theC64 USERS: In order to see the score panel completely, you may need to shift the vertical screen position to a value of 15 or set as screen as full height.


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Nice C64 Shooter! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 01:47:12. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Richard just why the keep on wth SEUCK after all these years the work you have put in you could wrote a better engine by now from scratch ??? i admire the work you have done.. but it's a little puzzling..

It is more or less a nostalgia trip. I have been using SEUCK since I first had my Commodore 64 in 1990. It is something I found to be great fun. I understand that SEUCK games do not please everybody, but SEUCK has been part of me since 1990. 


Your music is great btw and your doing a great work with the engine past what i think the creator even thought of  :)

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Thank you :)

Congratulations to the whole TND team ! Love your game.

Very nice and exciting game, many thanks for your workings again! Cosmic Combat Deluxe

Looking forward to playing this!

very good