A Zzap 64! Micro Action C64 community-based covermount title (Issue #13 - March/April 2023). (Free download and web player version now available from this page).

If playing web version, use spacebar to exit the intro.

The New Dimension in co-op with Blazon (games division) is very proud to present for your entertainment, For Speed We Need 3. This game has participated in Retro Programmers Inside's Racing Cars game jam, to be streamed in late February by Prince/Phaze101 via Twitch & YouTube. It was programmed in Kick Assembler V5.25, with aid of CBMPRGStudio V4.0.  

For Speed We Need 3 is a smooth vertical scrolling racing game with a difference, which features:

  • Loading bitmap (and a nice black and blue tape loading system with RLE decompression).
  • Front end presentation with colour transition
  • Hi score table (and saver if you are playing the disk version of the game)
  • Smooth scrolling arcade racing 
  • Full single track with awesome limited graphic implementation
  • Plenty of up-tempo music to suit all C64s (Composed in Odie/Cosine's EMS V7.03)
  • Compatible on PAL/NTSC systems (Although the game might run too fast on NTSC), Ultimate 64 and also RGL's theC64 mini and full size systems.

How to play

For Speed We Need 3 is a fun hi score challenge game. You have entered the RB Le Mans challenge. Your task is to complete and also survive all 24 laps. This may sound pretty much simple, but there are enemy cars charging towards you from the front. The opponents will not stop for anyone either! 

Controlling your car

At the start of the game (or after a loss of a life), your car will be still. In order to be able to move the car, you need to push it upwards. You cannot move your car left or right if it is still in idle mode. Just rev it up and feel the power. 

If you let go of the joystick, the car will slow down automatically, but it will not stop. The car can be stopped by pulling down at the slowest speed. 


You score points by travelling distances. Also, if you complete a lap, you will be awarded a bonus of 1,000 points, plus an extra life. 

Your fate

1. Time: 

You must complete each lap before the time runs out. If you complete a lap, the time will be reset to how it was at the start of the game. 

2. Running out of fuel: 

Your car runs low on fuel however, it is possible to completely refuel your car by picking up fuel barrels. 

3. Damaging your car: 

There is a status of a car with white lights, glass, etc. Every time you crash into an enemy car while no shield is active, the white areas of the car status panel will turn black. After all panels have turned black and a skull appears. You will lose a life. Crashing into enemy cars will also push your car around – sometimes you will be very unfortunate.

Fortunately you can pick up a toolkit which will fully repair your car. You will also have a protective shield at the start of the game, you get hit by an enemy car or after losing a life.

4. Lives: 

Lives are lost every time your car has been completely destroyed, or you crash into the scenery. 

If you run out of time, fuel or all of your lives, the game is over. 

Winning the game

In order to win the game, you must complete all 24 laps of the race. Otherwise try to build up as many points as you possibly can before you lose the game. There is a hi score table, in which you can register your name.


Use a joystick in port 2  (Numpad keys if playing via the web player)

Up  / Numpad 8 – speed up (Letting go will automatically slow down your car) 

Down  / Numpad 2 – slow down and also brake 

Left / Numpad 4 – move car left (when moving) 

Right / Numpad 6 – move car right (when moving) 

Control / TAB – Pause game (Press fire / Z to resume) 

Back arrow  / ¬ (while paused) - Abort race and return to the title screen 


Programming, charset and music by Richard Bayliss
Disk cover artwork, logo, loading bitmap and car sprites by Freeze/Blazon 
Game graphics and map design by Hugues (Ax!s) Poisseroux 
Tape turbo loader system by Martin Piper 
Disk Directory Art by Logiker/Vintage Computing Carinthia 
Testing by Richard, Baracuda, Hagiler, Freeze, Ax!s

Copyright (C) 2023 The New Dimension and Blazon Games Division 

You are welcome to share and copy this game onto your web sites, etc. Providing that everything is free. This production (or its content) may not be used or reproduced for sales/marketing, physically or digitally without permission from the author of this production.  

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorRichard of TND
Tags8-Bit, Casual, Commodore 64, retro-racing-cars, Singleplayer, vertical-scrolling


For_Speed_We_Need_3.zip 1 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the file For_Speed_We_Need_3.zip and copy the contents onto your device, then run on theC64 (theVIC20 in C64 mode), Ultimate64 or VICE.

If copied to real C64 media:

Type LOAD"*",8
then RUN

On BASIC screen, Press SHIFT+RUN STOP, Press play on tape and wait patiently for the program to load and run.


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Nice little game however in Vice my joystick left and right just quit the game. Not sure whats going on. Works fine in the browser though and haven't tried on the sd2iec yet.

If you are using VICE V3.7, then perhaps your joystick is mapped to joystick port 1 instead of port 2. Joystick port 1 is mapped to the "Control" and "Back Arrow" keys, which represent "pause" and "abort" game


Doh! Thanks Richard. Wrong port.






This looks good !


Hi Rich, why not share your game directly by this way as you always did it before ? Patreon is not so gentle for everyone.

The game was first made exclusively for Retro Programmers Inside's "Racing Cars" game jam, but with the bugs and improvements being made, I made the newer version as first release for Zzap! 64 Micro Action. The game is now available for the public to download and also play online. - My next game won't be long.

I got it.