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Tape Master Pro V4.0 is a tape mastering system for your Commodore 64. It allows you to master your own runnable game productions of up to 193 blocks, self-customizable and allows your own game productions to load with a spiffy tape turbo loader. So if you liked Ocean Loader and other cool loaders, you'll probably enjoy this one.

Tape Master Pro V4.0 has the following cool features:

- Edit a loading scroll text (Remember to end it with an @) and set the speed of the scrolling message.
- Customise the loading text colour scheme and flashing colour
- Alter the appearance of the loading presentation (If no colour effects wanted simply fill the colour code with P)
- Load in and position , enable/disable tape custom loader flashing sprites
- Pick one of many of the loading flashing stripes schemes that are available to you. You could have a 2 colour with/without border cycle, thin stripes or a classic colour scheme to suit your production.
 - During the mastering phase, you can choose to open the top and bottom borders during loading (Background of bitmap image must be black, in order to prevent ugly borders)
- Master your own productions with a spiffy loader with a koala paint loading picture and play music in the background. 
- Compatible with most program decrunch routines, such as Exomizer V3 and also older crunchers. 

Unlike versions V1.0 - V3.0 this is possibly the easiest to use IRQ tape mastering program, which can play tunes from Future Composer, Sid Factory (Init $1000, Play $1006), JCH+DMC music players, Goat Tracker, Voice Tracker (Init $1000, Play $1003) and Dutch USA Team Music Assembler (Init $1048, play $1021) and many other SID composers. Make sure they do not use ZEROPAGE addresses below $e0-$ff.

You are welcome to use this production on your own game productions.  Please remember to credit the two people below on the scroll text ... If you use a visible scroll that is. Thanks :)

Please also note. You cannot master "Multi-load" or "Multi-Part" tape games. I don't think that in this day and age people would want to do that anyway ;)

The tape loader uses a reliable and super fast speed turbo tape loading system. Due to the design and development of the loading system. The  shorter the game file size the shorter time the music will play (This is due to the last chunk of data overwriting the music area with the game before running it).  

Code: Martin Piper
Editor and additional programming: Richard Bayliss
2020 The New Dimension as Public Domain software

Updated 7 days ago
AuthorRichard of TND

Install instructions

Download and extract the D64 and place on to a USB on your Ultimate 64, C64 with 1541Ultimate, etc. There's also a helpful documentation to help you explore more about the features in this tape loader system. 

This program can also be using in VICE, but you might need some additional tools, such as DIR MASTER, Sidplay, etc.


Tape_Master_Pro_V4.zip 112 kB


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Thank you very much Richard!