Richard of TND

New Releases (C64)

The latest game creations that have officially been released.

Utilities (C64)

Useful native Commodore 64 utilities for productive development. Mainly tape mastering or SEUCK enhancement.

Games (C64)

My own self-programmed and co-op game productions made specially for the Commodore 64. These games will also work on Ultimate64, theC64 mini/full size and of course VICE.

Blazon (C64)

All the latest Commodore 64 games made under Blazon. (Also are not SEUCK games).

Enhanced SEUCK games (C64)

TND/community based C64 games created using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit, enhanced with new features using the SEUCK Redux framework. (PAL Only).

theC64 dev challenges (C64)

Commodore 64 programs made the oldschool way without cross-assemblers and compilers. Started as challenges developing on RGL's theC64 computer. Also will feature some stuff made on the Ultimate 64 in the future.

Mini Games (C64)

Self-programmed C64 games which are 4096 bytes (4K) or less, after compressed. Mainly written for competitions or as small challenges.

The Power Shed (C64)

A parody label that releases bad game ideas, which actually works. Just for fun :)

Unity Games

Games that run on Windows PCs. Mainly made in Unity. Where there is more time available, there will be some more Unity creations launched on this page.