Richard of TND


Any new C64 or PC releases that are finished/nearly finished and awaiting to be released.


The latest game creations that have officially been released.

My C64 games: TND

My own self-programmed Commodore 64 games. (Not created with the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit)

My C64 games: Blazon

All the latest Commodore 64 games made under Blazon. (Also are not SEUCK games).

My C64 games: Mini games: 4K or less

Self-programmed C64 games which are 4096 bytes or less, after compressed. Mainly written for competitions or as small challenges.

C64 Games: Made on theC64 computer

Commodore 64 programs made fully on Retro Games' theC64 mini or full size computer. Usually with aid of PD tools and Turbo Assembler.

Unity 3D Games [discontinued]

Games that run on Windows PCs. Mainly made in Unity. (Discontinued for now)

C64: Enhanced SEUCK games

TND/community based C64 games created using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit, enhanced with new features using the SEUCK Redux framework. (PAL Only).

C64: Utilities

Useful native Commodore 64 utilities for productive development. Mainly tape mastering or SEUCK enhancement.

My C64 games: The Power Shed

A parody label that releases bad game ideas, which actually works. Just for fun :)